Three Aces PizzaPizza

"Three Aces" is a fictional pizza place in Cambridge, MA. More accurately, it was a real place, that has, sadly, closed long before this page was made. What remains is this example of a website, where you can look through, chose and order food for delivery.

Why was this site made? The computer science course E-75 at Harvard Extension School, where students are taught how to program dynamic websites, the creation of this half-fictional pizza place is a project assignment. The online course is available here: Computer Science E-75: Building Dynamic Websites (Harvard)

If you have your own restaurant that wants to offer online ordering, please feel free to contact the maker of this page through this website. Thanks!

I am well aware, that this site as a few minor inconveniences, such as no possibility to increase the quanitity of an item in the shopping cart itself, an 'empty' pizza and no strict checking of the customer's data format. This can, in case you are willing to pay me for making your website, be added easily, I just don't feel like working on this site anymore and just want to get on with the course. ;)